Compendium – Peter Saville

Compendium, an exhibition of recent works by artists from the UK and Ireland is currently on show at the Temple Bar Galleries & Studios, dublin, and is an… interesting (if spartan) mix of work by 6 or 7 artists ranging from drawings, small oils, to (eek) video installations.

a highlight for me is a quirky collection of oddly sized pieces by Dan Hays, depicting winter scenes in a strangely retro yet totally cool Lenticular Poster style…

but the weird ‘star attraction’ is a booklet detailing a telephone conversation between the curator of the show and the world renowned (and personal hero of mine) graphic designer Peter Saville, in which they discuss Saville’s “oeuvre” and the seeming intrinsic dichotomy of graphic design as art. (heh, and yes, i was stroking my goatee as i typed that! rapidly.)

it’s an unusual piece for any exhibition, yet it delves into the history and influences of art and design upon each other as distilled through Saville’s own experiences, and, at the end of the document and his revelations about his latest project place the booklet (which is perched upon a plinth) into perspective.

but, what gets me is that there are a limited number of signed copies of the booklet available for €10. which is, like totally cool. 🙂

a sample image of one of his great graphic design works, the cover of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasure’s, for Factory Records.

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