Redesigning Your Own Site

Lea Alcantarra has a very honest and enjoyable article in A List Apart that details the trauma and joys of redesigning one’s own website and the particular problems that arise when one is a designer already… a plight i can totally empathize with, cos, like, i’m a “designer” too.

and, yeah, seriously,  i know how hard it is to design for oneself. it’s really, really hard. and not just because i’m a naturally lazy person to begin with, but, as Lea points out, “There are no colleagues or an umbrella corporation to share the pain: It’s just you.” and you alone. ideas either aren’t that easy to come by or a dime a dozen and neither is an ideal situation to deal with.


hence the paralysing delay in updating my own website, and developing an offshoot that hopefully will showcase prints and t-shirt designs of my own to sell online.

ideally, i’d like to learn CSS and acquire a very easy to use Content Management System that i could easily update with client projects and personal pieces… but something clever enough to be different from the ‘normal’ navigational templates.

i dunno…

i don’t even know what that is supposed to mean, so that may be my problem – lack of focus. clarity. and enthusiasm. it’s not that i’m apathetic. it’s just that i don’t care.

this blog will probably end up like this cartoon…

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