cosmic harmonic i – Closer Musik – 123 (no gravity)

cosmic harmonic is a theme i’m going to use to link together a series of articles on various tunes (from all different artists and genres, etc) that have had a profound resonance with me over the years. some may be electronica, others may be metal, whilst even others may be classical. or even jazz! niiiiiiiiice…

i make no apologies if any tune/track/work is considered crap/esoteric/pretentious/clichéd or even kitcsh. they are all creations that have somehow and for some reason permeated my psyche, often moving me to tears (yeah, yeah…) but mostly moving my feet. no matter how disparate or discordant some of these tracks may be, they all seem to contain something, some thing that resonates within and pulls that cosmic trigger. they are almost my universal constants, the central core around which my orbiting and elliptical tastes in music revolve.

uh, yeah…

ok. so, to get the ball rolling, i’m going to kick off with a track that utterly blows me away every time i listen to it…

Closer Musik‘s “one-two-three (no gravity)” from the mighty Kompakt label. (the link is to the wonderful Boomkat site, where the track can be previewed up at the top-right of the page).

this track is completely flawless in my opinion. a work of sheer sophisticated understated majesty. it has layers of beautiful delicate tones, a fragile but warm vocal, sandwiched between some very soft (almost discordant pads), all overlayed upon a punchy velvet 4/4 kick that Kompakt is famous for.

all this creates a distinctly unique track mingling cool, clean electronica with delicate jazz guitar snippets and washes of drone-like synths. melancholic electronic at it’s most hypnotically brilliant.

it is deceptively simple and utterly beguiling, gently pulling you into an immense atmosphere of cocoon-like emptiness –- a warmth of vacuum-packed isolation; the perfect soundtrack to spacewalk to.

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