one week old!

wow, a whole week has gone by since i first popped my blogging cherry… (not counting that initial awkward, and immensely forgettable ‘experimental’ dabbling all those long, long months ago!) and what a week it has been.

in just 7 days and 6 posts i have managed to mention Bladerunner, Joy Division, Douglas Adams and “intrinsic dichotomy” and am now faced with the unenviable task of topping that stellar line-up of vainglorious peer-into-my-psyche name uh… droppings.

woweeee… yessiree, it sure is an action packed roller-coaster of a ride here at impossibleplanet headquarters.

so, to do something kinda different, as a bonus treat, to celebrate this monumental mistak… uh, effor… umm… moment, instead of a cake, here’s a video showing the easiest way in the world to make delicious home baked bread…

wow, i can sure throw a celebratory party. check out the spread! that bread goes lovely with the dips in the corner. no, not the long-haired emos sulking by the stereo…

and to round off the evening’s entertainment, here comes the clown. or at least, the incredible lego animation of eddie izzard’s Death Star Canteen comedy sketch…

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