cosmic harmonic ii – Akufen – Skidoos

probably the most played track on my computer, according to my computer (and it knows a thing or two), is Akufen’s beautiful genre-defying classic Skidoos (apologies for the 30 second sample – it doesn’t do the track any justice really).

The cover of Akufen's 2002 album, My Way

The cover of Akufen's 2002 album, My Way

akufen is a Canadian called Marc Leclair and Skidoos is from his 2002 debut album, My Way, for Force Inc.

this is a very hard track to define using loads of odd, weird and intricate sampling to create a glitchy type techno tune, yet it is far from the earachingly awful examples of that genre, instead possessing an extraordinary positivity and lush sense of grandeur. i have heard of this style of music production being called microhouse, but, i dunno, i don’t understand genres really, but it’s too epic a track to deserve such a cramped moniker.

there is a delicious calming synth wash in the background upon which akufen compiles loads of scintillating odd bits of snatched samples and odd little grooves, which one would imagine ought to create a fragmented disconcerting listening experience, but everything is expertly held together and reined into place by a rock solid 4/4 kick.

this is a track i keep coming back to, again and again, because for some reason it makes me feel happy and upbeat and positive about living, the world, possibilities. which is no bad thing really…

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