music found online – Conor Curran (CjC) – Form

the above link is to a mesmerising album by an irish music producer, Conor Curran. i had the incredible fortune to get my hands on work of his way back in 2001-ish and was stunned by his musical compositions – deep, moody, cinematic and fragile electronica. i had only recently discovered Donnacha Costello‘s profound minimal glitch meisterwerk Growing Up In Public and was fascinated that irish musicians could produce world-class, earth-shattering, genre-defining stuff.

fortunately, i worked for a guy who was in the process of getting an album of his on the irish label Psychonavigation Records, whereupon i stumbled quite happily upon a bootleg of CjC’s work-in-progress.

it appears to have taken a further 8 years to get released (hopefully not due to it’s accidental leaking i’m sure!) and this seems to be the result. not many of the original tracks i heard have made it through, or, if they have, some sounds have undergone some major surgery, but what is here is a seriously well constructed set of hand-crafted digital bits of sonic fragility. fragments of drones, glitch, micro, ambient, digital, electronic, cinematic all held together with breathtaking precision.

the above track is available as a free download through

Forwind | releases.

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4 Responses to music found online – Conor Curran (CjC) – Form

  1. Glad you liked it Diarmaid. I just remastered the version that you heard back in 2008 properly, blogged about it here –


    • Just had a listen to it there and wow, there’s some difference in the remastering indeed. There’s such a huge depth to the mix now, almost 3 dimensional, with sounds appearing all round the sonic space. Amazing.

      It is funny how a little nip/tuck surgery can radically alter something already near perfect.

      Excellent work! New version of the album ordered! 🙂

      • I know, that Manley is a beast. Basically the minute the mixes were run through the compressor the whole mix bounced forward. It looked compressor wasn’t applying any compression it was just being run through the valves. A black art I tell ya.
        I have used the same guy for the first Sonnamble album and two tracks from the last.
        Will make sure to replace any of the CD’s out for sale with the remastered version.

        Thanks for your listening Diarmaid. much appreciated.

  2. Oh and track 10 is a slightly different arrangement and mix.

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