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EILIS MCDONALD / Opening the Chakras… 2009

this is a pretty damned cool, clever and beautifully simple bit of tech-art, imho. EILIS MCDONALD / Opening the Chakras… 2009: ” eilis mcdonald – ‘Opening The Chakras’ (7 quicktime players playing 1 windows startup sound & 1 found image … Continue reading

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Joy Division in Playmobil form

this is so good it gives me goosebumps… Clip du jour: Joy Division in Playmobil form | PopWatch | EW.com.

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Japanese graphic design from the 1920s-30s

Like pretty much every graphic designer, I’m fascinated by graphic design from other cultures – how seemingly incomprehensible glyphs and images combine to create a message. The message doesn’t really have to be understood, I guess, just look good. Or … Continue reading

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