Bring on the groupies!

Opus (the penguin) & The Air Groupies

Opus & The Air Groupies

So, at long last, my true talent has been discovered and I have finally hit the big time, BIG TIME! Soon I will be sipping champagne off the belly of some nubile young thing on some yacht somewhere seriously exotic while hoards of paparazzi, and as a result – the world, look on in deep envy!

At least that is the idle hope.

A track of mine, Hosepipe Ban, has been played by legendary Irish DJ’s The Chillage Idiots on their XFM radio show and I have to say, it is a deep, deep serendipitous honour to have my airplay-cherry popped by these guys, because way, waaAAAaay back in the day I used to listen to these guys all the time in my dingy, horrible, student flats in Dublin.

They inroduced me to the likes of Autechre and Black Dog and others from the Warp label and many other awesome artists. I had so many of their shows taped on Maxell C60 cassettes. And, believe it or not, had pangs of pity leaving them behind in the Big Move to Australia.

Unbelievably chuffed and honoured to be part of such an epic and rarefied mix.

Now, if I could just lift this TV through that hotel window I can finally say I have arrived.

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