Helvetica Neue and Chrome: not a very satisying mix

This is what the Title of this post looks like on my screen.

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this seEEEeeriously annoying glitch between Google Chrome and sites that display Helvetica Neue. Every now and then something just… goes belly up… within the browser and sites that previously looked fine now display this weird gibberish font. I have done a bit of googling on the problem and there does seem to be a redering issue within the webkit (i dunno if that makes any sense – it’s what i think the geeks were talking about) but no one had a solution other than delete Helvetica Neue from the system.

But the trouble is, I actually really like the font and use it in my print design work all the time, so just removing it from my system isn’t an option. I do have Suitcase Fusion 4 which allows me to activate and deactivate it whenever I like but it seems to make no difference to the Browser.

What i don’t understand is when i check the problem against this site, iOS fonts the bloody font displays perfectly.

Screen grab of the iOS font site

The thing that bugs me most is that the font it renders is some sort of weird runic-type dingbat which I have not been able to trace or track down within my system, which I kind of speculate would solve the problem if i was to remove THAT font.

If anyone can identify the font from this screenshot i’d be greatful. What The Font had no luck… 😦

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4 Responses to Helvetica Neue and Chrome: not a very satisying mix

  1. Driving me nuts too! From what I’ve gleaned thus far, this is a result of Chrome thinking it’s got a copy of Helvetica Neue handy, when actually it’s looking at the System font “Last Resort”. I’m trying to fix this for myself, but as I’m a web developer/designer, it’s something of a red flag—I don’t want this problem for my users, either.

  2. mark says:

    Hey did you even solve this anomaly? I’ve been working around it since about the time of your post but today it finally blocked my progress!

  3. Still having issues. Sometimes it’s fine and other days it really is the most annoying bug in the world…


    Found this thread on Google about it and attempting some of the solutions.Many thanks for pointing out that it was an invisible system font called Last Resort. That has helped. I have deleted the bloody thing from my system and hope it isn’t that important! 🙂

  4. Katie O says:

    Never had this problem until last Friday when I installed Suitcase Fusion 4. Wonder if it’s connected? It’s happening all the time now!

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