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infographics: webtrend map 4

this is just stunning… wtm4-final.png 6740×4768 pixels.

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Gil Scott Heron – RIP

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Bring on the groupies!

So, at long last, my true talent has been discovered and I have finally hit the big time, BIG TIME! Soon I will be sipping champagne off the belly of some nubile young thing on some yacht somewhere seriously exotic while … Continue reading

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The definitive Beastie Boys sample source collection

A fascinating collection of all the original tracks that the Beastie Boys sampled from throughout their career! The definitive Beastie Boys sample source collection | Music | Lifelounge.

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New music by Lustbader

A couple of new tracks by myself have been posted up on Soundcloud. Have a listen if you wish…

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EILIS MCDONALD / Opening the Chakras… 2009

this is a pretty damned cool, clever and beautifully simple bit of tech-art, imho. EILIS MCDONALD / Opening the Chakras… 2009: ” eilis mcdonald – ‘Opening The Chakras’ (7 quicktime players playing 1 windows startup sound & 1 found image … Continue reading

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infographics: 1990 vs 2010

this is funny… tumblr_lfr8v7UzV11qa0uujo1_1280.png 580×1070 pixels.

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resources for music making

here’s an invaluable link to the ever growing audio resources and linkage thread on

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music found online – Conor Curran (CjC) – Form

the above link is to a mesmerising album by an irish music producer, Conor Curran. i had the incredible fortune to get my hands on work of his way back in 2001-ish and was stunned by his musical compositions – … Continue reading

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my own music – lustbader – a lifeless ordinary

sometimes i find myself with a lot of time on my hands. i mean, a LOT of time. on very big hands… being unemployed helps. so, in order to put these hands to better use, i sometimes dabble in trying … Continue reading

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