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New music by Lustbader

A couple of new tracks by myself have been posted up on Soundcloud. Have a listen if you wish…

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The Craft Behind Cerebus: An Interview with Gerhard A great…

Cerebus is one of THE great graphic literary efforts of the 20th Century. Or any century for that matter. Still in the record books as one of the longest sustained narratives in human history, this is an interesting read by … Continue reading

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EILIS MCDONALD / Opening the Chakras… 2009

this is a pretty damned cool, clever and beautifully simple bit of tech-art, imho. EILIS MCDONALD / Opening the Chakras… 2009: ” eilis mcdonald – ‘Opening The Chakras’ (7 quicktime players playing 1 windows startup sound & 1 found image … Continue reading

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Joy Division in Playmobil form

this is so good it gives me goosebumps… Clip du jour: Joy Division in Playmobil form | PopWatch |

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Japanese graphic design from the 1920s-30s

Like pretty much every graphic designer, I’m fascinated by graphic design from other cultures – how seemingly incomprehensible glyphs and images combine to create a message. The message doesn’t really have to be understood, I guess, just look good. Or … Continue reading

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infographics: 1990 vs 2010

this is funny… tumblr_lfr8v7UzV11qa0uujo1_1280.png 580×1070 pixels.

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